Saturday, May 9, 2009

Walgreens vs CVS Week of 5/10

and the winner is...


Detergent: CVS (Xtra- Sunday and Monday Only)

Diabetes: CVS (Bayer Monitor)

Diapers: Waglreens (Wags brand - work great)

Groceries: Both have good deals

Hair Care: Walgreens (Roots)

Health: Walgreens (Fish Oil)

Outdoors: Walgreens (Misquito Repealant)

Oral Hygenine: Walgreens (Colgate and Reach)

Paper Products: CVS (Scott Paper Towels - Sunday and Monday only) and Walgreens (Toilet Paper - Angel Soft and Cottenelle)

Razor: CVS (Schick)

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