Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazing Bed Bath & Beyonds Wedding Registry Program

Bed, Bath and Beyonds Registry Incentive Program makes me want to get married again! Register for a few select items and receive FREEBIES in the mail from the manufacturers (i.e.
register for $500 of Anolon products and receive a 5'' Santoku Knife in gift box.)
One reader, April, has already shared with me some wonderful things she received (all for the cost of a postage stamp due to some steps she had to complete for registry proof.) JUST A FEW of these FREEBIES include 5'' Santoku Knife in gift box, Wood flatware storage box, Waterford Lismore Perfume, Atelier crystal bud vase or even a Shun pairing knife designed by chef Alton Brown.
You can get started with their registry incentive program Here
and see all their great incentives/offers Here.


brittany, steve, and gabe said...

and if i remember correctly, and they havn't changed it in the last four years, their return policy is fantastic!

Brittany said...

I think they have changed the return policy. I got married August 2008, and had been told by friends how you could return items for cash if they were originally on your registry at BBB. They now only give you store credit. They do take anything back very easily, and still give you the 20% completion discount, but no cash back. Too many people were abusing the system, they told me.