Monday, June 22, 2009

FREE Beach Size Umbrella at Rite Aid

See Mama Cheaps Here to see how to get a FREE beach size umbrella.


mtashie said...

I was able to snag this as a money maker. I swear I didn't know until I got home what had happened. I can't see a thing without my reading glasses! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I bought:

Hula Umbrella
4 boxes Shredded Wheat
6 packs of Mento's
2 bags of M&M's
and 1 candy bar so they wouldn't owe me.

I paid $.30

How? The umbrella rang up for $14.99 and the cashier scanned my $25 off umbrella coupon and my $5 off $25 coupon...of course I had coupons for everything else...but what a deal!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome deal! I paid $.24 in tax for my hula umbrella! Thank you!!!

Kelly M said...

I paid $13.20 for BOTH hula and market umbrellas! YAY!!!

airbornewife said...

Thank you for posting this also.. me and my kiddos found 2 of the Hula umbrellas today. We had to hit 5 stores before we found the 2. With the coupons making the umbrella by iteself less than the coupons, I went ahead and bought a .20 Airhead and my total was .55 cents for Umbrella and AirHead.. I then went out and got two more coupons and got a second.. did the same deal and paid .55 cents. I then gave the cashier the two Airheads for not giving me any grief over the coupons.. my kids were excited to find two. I wish we could've had time to go to a couple more stores, but we were short on time and wanted to get to CVS to get the deal on Always. thanks again ~ Pam

Vaughn said...

I got the same deal. I paid $.54 cents for the hula umbrella. When I went to the other local Rite Aid, they were out and the manager let me get 2 of the regular beach umbrellas for the same deal! I basiclly got $80 worth of umbrellas for $1.50!