Monday, June 15, 2009

FREE OPI Nail Polish or American Crew Gel

I wish I had a Beauty Brands store near by to take advantage of this offer. Bring in this coupon Here to get a FREE Opi Nail Polish or American Crew Hair Gel.
Expires 6/28/09.


Megan said...

Great coupon! I took it to Beauty Brands in Peoria, AZ and wasn't able to use it on the OPI, but they did honor it for the shave cream.

Read my post here:

asweetp said...

I used it yesterday in Plano, TX and the only OPI nail color they had was Brand New Skates. It's a pretty Silver with irridescent sparklies.

The salesperson told me that their store only received one color - so that's something to keep in mind. They also had plenty of shave cream.

A quick note: sign up for their e-mails before going to the store. It took a little extra time because they couldn't find me in the system so they had to set up an e-mail account for me at the register before I could use the coupon.

Thanks for the link!!