Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glass Straw Giveaway Winner

and the winner of the Glass Straw Giveaway from Strawesome is
Molly Kate C.
Molly Kate C. you have 48 hours to contact me (until Friday 6/26 at 4:30 pm EST) or I will have to draw a new winner. Email me at frugalcouponliving at
Congrats Molly Kate C.
And thank you VERY much to Daedra at Strawesome for this really unique giveaway. I could tell many of you were thrilled to enter. Visit her website for some unique wedding, birthday, or even Christmas gifts (it is never too early to shop.) Even better, from now until June 30th use the promo code FRUGAL and get 10% off any purchase!

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Preppy Little Dress said...


I checked out the next run of sales at Ultra Foods [ for your viewers living in the great Chicago area] and thought you might be interested in posting about it!

Country Time Lemonade - on sale for .98 - there are tear pads out there for $1.00 off one! FREEBIE, limit 2 per purchase.

Plus, they are having a buy 12 for $10.00 - basically .83 cents per item on lots of GREAT items. Including: Easy Mac & Velvetta cups, Haagen-Daz cups, Edy's ice cream, Palmolive dishsoap, Mac & Cheese and much more!!! Great time to cash in on all those Blinkies for Velvetta cups & Each Macs and the printable cup offer on the Haagen-Daz cups!!! Enjoy!

~ preppy little dress