Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meritline $2.99 Soft Building Blocks Toy Set

Get Soft Building Blocks at Meritline for only $5.99 PLUS FREE Shipping. If you are one of the first 300 to order, kyou can get $3 off with the coupon code MLC2660623 (thus ONLY $2.99.) If you are an order between 301 - 500 then you can get $2 off with coupon code MLC2660622 (thus only $3.99.) This order includes FREE Shipping!
Want to earn money shopping? Shop through Cashbaq!
Here is How:
1) Go to Cashbaq - and sign in or sign up. If you are a new member, you get $5 just for signing up.
2) Search for stores under "Shop by Store" and find Meritline.
3) You do not want any of the coupons offered, instead go to this phrase below the coupons "Not interested in a coupon? Go directly to Meritline and save 3% cash back." Click there.
4) When Cashbaq redirections you to Meritline, search for the code 266-062-001.
5) Add the item to your cart and use the code MLC2660623 (ONLY $2.99) or MLC2660622 (only $3.99.)
6) Also earn $5 for first time buyers at Cashbaq and/or 3% for shopping at Merritline.
Thanks to Swaggrabber for this deal!


Doodle said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions on this great deal! I just ordered one for my son. It is my first time using cashback. How exactly will I get $5 back? Thanks!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Doodle - this Q&A should help. Congrats on the first purchase. YOu will find yourself using this reward program more and more.

toccorific said...

Thx for the great tip! I was able to order 10 and got the 3$ coupon off each one. Saved $30!