Monday, June 1, 2009

Nicole Savings Gift Card

Did you sign up for the Nicole Savings Gift Card?...stay in touch with The Coupon Game to see what is going on.
See Stephanie's post Here to stay in the loop.


LauderdaleLisa said...

I am really annoyed with this company. I have not received my gift cards. First I got a postcard asking where to send them (they have my address already from my registration and to SEND THE POSTCARD!). Then I got another postcard asking me to choose which cards I want. I have tried logging in and could not. I requested password help at least 5 times with no response. I have sent messages 8 times through the Contact Us link with no response. What is up with this company? I can't even find a phone number for them. Please HELP!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Lisa, I saw your email and wrote back. For the rest of you, the number is Here - Nicole Savings Number: 888-779-6757