Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nicole Savings - Target Gift Card

UPDATE: The terms have changed since July and now you only get the gift cards AFTER 30 days of enrollment. So you need to pay $2.95 for the 30 day trial and $9.95 for your first month and you get a $25 Target gift card plus a bonus $25 Starbucks gift card back. Still a darn good deal!

Receive a $25 Target AND $25 Starbucks gift card for applying and going one month's of memberhsip.
Here are the steps to take:
1) Register HERE or by clicking on the image above for Nicole Savings "Save 75% on the things you buy every day."
2) Pay the $2.95 for your 1st month trial.
3) Mark your calendar for 30 days after the day you register so you know when your trial period is up (this is good to know because you will either cancel or start paying the monthly bill.)
4) Wait for your membership package to come in the mail and hold onto it.
5) A couple days later, you should receive a gift card request form in the mail. You'll want to fill this out and mail it back IMMEDIATELY (in the case you are canceling your membership.)
6) Give the membership a try, if you If you choose to continue your membership, you'll be billed $9.95/month - so you still make a profit after the first month's membership. If you choose to cancel call day 29 or 30 and cancel your membership!
Nicole Savings Number: 888-779-6757 or email contact Here.


Stephanie said...

Hey Girl! Just wanted to let you know that they have upped the trial cost to $2.95. Still a great deal though!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Thanks Stephanie!

teddymom said...

I received my Membership package (M'ship card + CD) about 10 days after I signed up online. Now it's 11 days after that, and I've received no gift card request.
I called Nicole's (888-779-6757)and told them what happened. First point of contact told me not to worry, that it would reach me soon. I asked to speak to someone else, who requested my email address and did a "re-send."
It turns out that this person was "Nicole" and the re-send extended my trial period by 3 weeks.
Hope this helps someone who is having the same sort of problems.

Short On Cents said...

I still have NO gift card in hand and it's been 2 months

Kimberly said...

I got my giftcard yesterday and I cancelled after 31 days. Not a bad deal.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Short on Cents it might help to give them a call. I know it took Stephanie 1 1/2 months. Their number is 888-779-6757

Jamie said...

I recieved my membership package but don't remeber seeing the gift card form come in the mail. I guess I will call them. My trial membership is supposed to be up on the 30th.

tahunter said...

I just signed up and right now they are offering a bonus $25 Starbucks giftcard in addition to the Target gift card. I am crossing my fingers that it really works! Thanks!

The Coons said...

I did this back in April, and it seemed like forever before I got my form for the giftcard (which is just a plain 'ole piece of paper to fill out, nothing fancy), but it did come! What a deal!

gogo19 said...

I tried to sign up for this and after entering my credit card number there was a screen that came up of jumbled words/characters/numbers, etc. Anyone else had this problem? How do I know if it took my information or not? it looks like there were four steps and the credit card number was only the second step.

Vicky said...

I gave this a try - it took 6 weeks (and an email) to get the postcard that needed to be completed and returned. I emailed the following week to make sure they received it and to check on my gift cards. I was assured that the gift card processing take time but I should receive them soon. I called last week and was told they were "in the mail." Today, a day before the start of my second month as a member, I cancelled my membership to avoid another monthly fee. Let's hope those cards are really on their way!

Vicky said...

Well, it turns out the cards were not on the way and since I was no longer an active member, they did not want to send them. After explaining that I had been a member for 2 months and was assured they had sent the cards, they've given me a free month. I'm still not confident I will ever receive those gift cards but wanted to post my warning not to cancel your membership until you have your cards in hand. Call them and ask for an extension if necessary - I was only a day away from getting billed for another month at full price so I cancelled via email. This has been a very frustrating experience!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Vicky I am glad for you on the extention. Yuck! I think in the beginning this offer was great and everyone was getting their giftcards fast. Now I think they are being stricker seeing how many gift cards they had to give out. I will stop promoting this deal for this reason.