Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Navy Swimsuit and Shorts $5

Starting tomorrow (June 26) until Sunday (June 28) Old Navy will have thier swimsuits and shorts for ONLY $5. You can also get get a 15% off coupon Here. Just click on "Get their no-sweat style" in the bottom center to print this coupon.

Thanks, MyFrugalAdventures!


Angel said...

I followed the link to the Old Navy coupon. I clicked where you said and the orange bubble came up. I entered my name and email and clicked on "Add to Instore Coupon" - and nothing happened. What did I do wrong?

Bradley said...

You may have entered your email address wrong. Old Navy will email you the coupon as well.

Anonymous said...

Beware the sale is very misleading,both on TV and their website as well as signage on their store windows...on selected sytles of shorts and tees only and on limited inventory. All mens and boys shorts at our local store were gone before noon on the first day of sale. No more stock will arrive. I am calling company HQ to complain about misleading adds. Nothing was poste about certain sytles only. Ads said, "Shorts, Tees, Swim" To me that means ALL shorts, tees,and swimwear.