Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Redbox Code - Expires Tonight 6/23

See comments section - note code has been edited to now be RBXTHXU6. It should run tomorrow as well.

Use the code isrbxthxu6 to get one FREE rental today at Redbox locations. This code does expire tonight. You can use this code once per credit card and your rental must be back by the next day (9 pm) or you are charged an additional $1 each additional day.


Pixiedustbelly said...

The code should actually be
I tried it today and it wasn't working. I called Redbox who said that the code somehow expired earlier than it was supposed to. She said that they are going to reset it tonight and to try it tomorrow (Weds.) afternoon. Hope this helps everyone! :)

Adam said...

I've tryed both but it did not work for me