Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walgreens vs CVS Week of 6/14

and the winner is...

Depends on what you need...they both have great deals.
It is a Tie!

Razor: CVS (Schick)

Deodorant: CVS or Walgreens (Dry Idea and Right Guard)

Body Care: Walgreens (St. Ives Body Wash)

Toothpaste: CVS (Crest)

Detergent: Walgreens (Purex 3 in 1 - just a little cheaper than CVS this week)

Grocery: CVS (Kellogg’s Cereal)

Need Peanut Butter? - get it at CVS if you are getting a couple, Walgreens if you are getting many.


Preppy Little Dress said...

So Right Guard and Dry Idea are on sale for .99 cents. I have printable coupon for $2.00. Does this mean I should get overage for $1.01? Or will the Walgreen employee reduce the coupon to the amount of the item? Please help!

I was wonder then if there is overage, and I buy a Oreo Cakester - 2/5, less $1.00 coupons [x2] shouldn't the $1.01 overage apply to the balance on the Cakester?

I am hoping this means $1.01 in overage? Let me know thanks!!!!

- preppy little dress

Frugal Coupon Living said...

i forgot to edit this post...the $2 coupon is only good at CVS where the deal will be better.