Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All You Frequently Asked Questions

What is All You Magazine?
If you have heard of All You magazine you know what a dream it is. Comparable to Redbook or Better Homes and Garden, All You is filled with great articles, stories, tips, and home ideas, All You is a great read. What makes the magazine all the more better is if you are into saving money, All You offers many large valued coupons on really great products. Each issue has over $30 in coupons so the magazine subscription basically pays for itself.
It says orders are shipped to hostess? Do I need to select Direct Ship?
All Magazine orders are automatically sent directly to the address entered during checkout. You do not need to select anything.
The order total says $19.95 plus tax. Where is the discount price?
All orders have to be approved by the consultant before finally submitting them, we will enter your discount for you. You final total will be $16 after the discount is applied.
I got a confirmation email that did not show the discounted price.
All confirmation emails are sent immediately after you enter an order on the Southern Living site. We will go in and discount the order and finalize it after you have submitted it.

I live in a state that does not have tax, but tax was charged.
Southern Living charges Sales tax based on where the hostess of a party lives. All orders are submitted in a group or “party”. You are charged tax based on the address of the hostess We are not able to remove the tax.
When can I expect my first issue?
Most new subscribers receive their first issue in 8 weeks. All You Magazine is mailed in the middle of the month so depending on when your order is placed it can take up to 2 months.
Can I renew my subscription at this rate?
YES!! Go ahead and order a subscription and enter your name and mailing address EXACTLY as it appears on your current subscription. This will automatically renew your subscription.
Can I get more than one subscription?
YES!! You can have two subscriptions running simultaneously at the same address but they need to be under a different name so that the system does not automatically make it a really long subscription. Consider using your middle name, your husband’s, roommate's, etc. name

For any other questions email me at: frugalcouponliving @ gmail . com (Take out the spaces.)

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