Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christina Higman Photography

Christina Higman is one amazing photographer. She is a long time friend from highschool/college. If you are a local reader (Tallahassee, FL) she is headed to our area for a week. Book your session betweem July 18th - 23rd. I had some photos done last time she was here and the portraits brought tears to my eyes. You usually don't see my little girl/family but I couldn't help but share these adorable shots. Let me tell you she really doesn't smile as often as it appears - It only proves Chirstina really IS talented.
Here are some of my other favorites she has done!
If you don't live in the Tallahassee area, she is located in St. Petersburg, FL so consider that next time you are on a trip and needed some adorable and AFFORDABLE snapshots!
I REALLY recommend you check out her other GREAT photos on her website or her blog Here.


Stephanie said...

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL family photo!! LOVE it!

Autumn Thomson said...

I see the traveling maternity dress again! LOVE IT!!!!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Haha, sisterhood of the traveling maternity dress. I am frugal. I wasn't buying a new dress :)