Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Saves to Coupon - My Husband verses Me!

*Please read the first comment below, let it be known and written - I am in charge of shopping now! You all are my witnesses!
I KNOW from your emails and great shopping stories most of you don't need me to prove to you why it saves to coupon but I had to share this example of why it saves to coupon.
I told you about my husband buying full priced pain medicine Here. I didn't tell you that he also stopped by Wal-Mart earlier last week to buy another bottle of pain medicine (he had left that one at home when we traveled.) I could have strangled him. Two bottles of pain medicine for two ridiculous prices!Now being fully aware that when he has a headache he does not have a stockpile of medicine, I took it upon myself to go to Walgreens today. Luckily, he isn't picky about what brand I buy when I buy medicine for pain so I went with another brand - one on sale, one with a promo, and one with a coupon (remember, you cannot be brand loyal to maximize your savings.)
Compare how much I spent to how much my husband spent.

My Husband's Spending
Aleve $7 - 20 pills
(no sale, no coupon)
= $7 ($.35 per pill)
My Spending
Excedrin $6.99 (regular price $10.99) - 100 pills (get $5 RRs from Walgreens wyb 2)
$1 coupon (you can get one in your 7/12 SS insert for $1 or $2, $1.50 in June All You Magazine, or print one Here, Here, or Here.)
= $5.99 x 2
= $11.98
$11.98 - $5 RRs = $6.98 (notice, I already spent less than him and have gotten 10xs the pills - $.03 per pill.)
So we would have bought the pain medicine anyway, I just bought it at the right time.
Normally, I would buy this when we have these sales but I didn't realize his stockpile was out -being pregnant or nursing for 2 years I am not taking much pain medicine.)
*Note: The RR did not print out when I bought my Excedrin, the manager had to come over to help me. Also, the Excedrin is on sale this week for the 100 count but the $5 RR promo runs until the end of July. It is not found in the weekly flyer.)


Sal said...

I concede defeat to my gorgeous and amazingly talented birthday longer will I shop for anything without her.

Megan said...

Thank you! This blog post of yours alerted me to the RR for Excedrin! I didn't know that deal was going on during July. I must say that I have had the worst luck at Walgreens and tend to not go there, since I do so much better at CVS.

Well, I did get nearly free Listerine a couple of weeks ago and needed to use my RR . . . so, I went to Walgreens today to use it towards Excedrin Migraine.

I want to let everyone know that I found something out today about Excedrin Migraine vs. Extra Strength. They are exactly the same!!! Also, I always get the tablets, because they are almost always cheaper then the gel tabs and I have never noticed a difference as to how both of these work.

Anyway, I got the $5 RR back today with no problem and am very pleased to only spend $3.78 for 100 tablets. Not bad. :)

Thanks a bunch!

Emily said...

You are so funny! You could've been telling my story. We're planning an anniversary trip and I'm sure it will be the same story, I will definately stockpile and plan for those "kinks" in the back and other things that my husband will want to buy!!! Thanks, you're the best!

Maria E. Lopez said...

i explain this too him everytime i send him to return a redbox movie at walmart and he comes back with stuff Grrrr Grrrrr oh the hubs!!

Anonymous said...

Tried to do the deal to get the RR back and use the sale price but our store had only certain varieties on sale and other ones were marked for the RR. Even checked with the mgr to get it to work but she could not work it. So, to make a long story short, a couple of really sweet deals fell through because of that :( . Moral: don't count your chickens before they've hatched - but I did snag some of those 100 count at the low price and gave up the RR.