Monday, July 20, 2009

Pay It Forward - Be a Coupon Fairy

Be a Coupon Fairy - Leave a coupon behind!
When you don't have use for a coupon, leave it on the shelf by the item for which it is intended.
Do YOU have any Pay It Forward Ideas? What you have you been doing to Pay It Forward?


Megan said...

I've been on a "Coupon Fairy" mission lately. My mother in-law has been doing so much for me and my husband. She is allowing us to move into her place since we are living off my husband's part-time job. So . . . my newly found knowledge of couponing just got my mother in-law 32 free boxes of 4C drink mix sticks. Since these are $5.99 or so a box (depending on where we get them), I just saved her about $190 and she won't have to buy any for a long time.

I will be continuing to stock her on things she needs at cheaper or possibly free prices. This is something she hasn't asked for, but I just feel like I need to do something if I'm not working.

Wait, I have one more story (sorry so long) . . .

With all the free school supplies at CVS, I just couldn't let them pass. I've decided to get them all using my ECB's and then I will be giving them to a friend of mine who is a teacher. Anything she doesn't need will go to a donation for school supplies when I can find a place to do so.

Those are my ways of being a coupon fairy. :D

Kari said...

I agree with Megan! I do the same thing by giving away stockpile items that I think people can use. When I go to someones house, I usually bring a gift bag with items I know they can use! It is so fun to be a giver!

Kelley Close said...

I almost always leave behind a coupon that I won't be using. When shopping at Hobby Lobby I print up an extra coupon in case I see someone that might need one. I've also left them with the cashier for someone to use later on. When in Joann's or Michael's I give away my coupon if my item is already on sale. I love seeing a person's face when you give them that coupon, too. Something so simple just might change the course of their day. :-)

pennyscents said...

I do this too. My 14 year old son laughs at me. In good fun, though.
He thinks the whole "Coupon Fairy" name is just hilarious.

MMLong3996 said...

Someone has been on a major coupon fairy mission in my local Publix. They've gone through the ENTIRE store and taped coupons to darn near every item I look at! I love it and have used "her" coupons several times when I didn't have one of my own available. I hope to have some free time where I can play the coupon fairy one day soon!