Monday, July 6, 2009

Paying It Forward

In the past, I have highlighted on "being a good customer", writing letters of appreciation, and being a "coupon fairy." It has been a while since we have been some of these "paying it forward" types of post. In honor of a recent email that Sarah sent, I would like to highlight again some of these "paying it forward" type of deeds.
So what does it mean to "Pay it Forward?" When one pays it forward they are doing something nice for someone else and hopefully, in return, the person of the received kindness, returns the favor to someone else. If we all do this, we would exponentially be making the world a kinder place - sometimes this is easier said then done.
So this weeks Paying it Forward is (in honor of Sarah) being a coupon fairy to your cashier.
We all have that cashier whose mouth drops every time you buy someting for FREE, or when you go home with bags full of loot for only $3.21. There is also the cashier who is willing to go the extra mile to help you find the right sale item, the extra bottle of shampoo in the back, or lets you know of a hidden deal. Yes, I am talking about these cashiers -the ones that are always so helpful. Let's work on paying it forward this week to these cashiers. Sarah, shared with me in her email "today, when I read about the great catalina rebate on Goody hairbands, I printed up 2 coupons with the intention of trying it out and if it worked, sending rebate #2 to my daughter as a surprise. But instead, I asked the clerk if she would be like a free headband as well - so I gave her the second coupon."
...and that is paying it forward!
So in honor of Sarah and kindness, let's work on paying it forward to our local cashier this week!


Amanda said...

I wholeheartedly believe that the Lord is honored when we pay it forward. Ashley, thank you for reminding us to show love to all. It's a good thought that it may be one day that we may need that kindness on a tough day:)

Amy said...

I totally agree with you! Those cashiers deal with us every week, ringing up or manually inputting our coupons, and something like this would be a great idea! I know one of my favorite cashiers is always asking me where I get all my coupons. Well I think I will pay it forward this week! Thanks for the suggestion Ashley!

Maria E. Lopez said...

aaaww what a sweet post! thank you for reminding us that there are good cashiers out there lol jk i will remember this next time the manager from walgreens says hello to me :)