Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Targets Price Matching Policy

Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers has Targets Low Price Promise Facts Here. This is the official press release from Target concerning price matching competitors ads.


Lauren said...

I would like to comment that Target has been quick to remind folks that this is an AD matching policy, not a price matching policy.

Ginger said...

Thanks for the link! And yes, Target will price match an item in an ad if you have the complete ad and it is an identical item.

Years ago when I worked for one of the oldest retailers in America, that store got around it by only purchasing items that were unique to only their inventory. Don't expect this to be much of a help when shopping.


pennyscents said...

I just went and looked at the price matching policy, and I am not impressed! It says that the cashier will not make the adjusment. You have to check out and then take your ad, and your receipt to the guest services counter to get an adjusment. There is also a really long list of exclusions, one of them being coupons. What ever that means I don't know. I will shop at Target sometimes. I do more shopping at Wal-Mart, though. I can use Target's ads, Target's coupons, and manufacturer coupons at my Wal-mart. Plus I do not have to go the guest services counter to get an adjustment. How are they going to do that if someone pays with there debit/credit card. You'll have all these lil credits going into your account. That's more work when it comes to balancing your checkbook, etc... too.