Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tricks to Getting the Lowest Price

I had a great day at Home Depot today. First, I ran into Stephanie at Coupon Saving Game - it was so nice to see a fellow bargainer at such a great store. I was so proud of myself for being seven months pregnant and taking the baby and going to buy needs in a "manly" store.
First, I picked up some things for the grill. - Did you know Home Depot takes competitor coupons. It was great, I used my Ace $5/$20 coupon - a 25% savings!
Second, I had ordered a washer and dryer from Hhgregg a few weeks ago. I wanted to check out the fourth of July sales at Home Depot because Hggregg WILL MATCH and give you and EXTRA 10% of any price lower than theirs! I was fortunate that Home Depot had BOTH the Washer and Dryer cheaper. I got enough money back to get the drawers for the washer and dryer for 1/8th of the price. I used the 10% off coupon from the Home Depot Garden's Club!
My Points
1) Sign up for the great offers when they come - Garden Club is not availabe any more.
2) Sign up for the Home Depot Moving Club - see icon below.
3) Know which stores take competitors coupons (I went to Michael's today who took my Joann's coupon and to Home Depot today who took my Ace Hardware Coupon.)
4) Shop at stores that price match (some stores even give you a percent lower than the lowest price you find.)


Cornums said...

I love it!!!! I have to share this with you. I bought 6 shelves at Home Depot more than 6 weeks ago. When I went in 2 weeks ago to exchange one of the trees that didn't make it thru winter (they have a one year warranty) I asked customer service if I could bring in a coupon that I didn't use at the time of purchase to get a % back from my shelves. They said yes. I didn't get my garden club coupons in the mail for another week, but when they came I took them in and got refunded almost $28.00. No questions asked. I just wish I would have known about the Ace coupon! Just wanted to share in case any body else could use the info.

Angie.. said...

I always shop at home depot! everyone is so friendly there! Thanks for the heads up with the ace coupon!

Stephanie said...

Great post! I still have so much to learn. I love the bloggin' networks!! Thanks, girl!