Friday, July 31, 2009

Wal-Mart Updates 8/1

Amy at Saving with Amy has some Wal-Mart updates for you.
Below are my top picks.
Mars Candy Bars, Assorted types 2/$1
Use the $1/2 7/26 RP
(makes them FREE)
Colgate Toothpaste $1.50
Colgate Toothbrush $1.50
Use the $3/2 printable (use zip code 85031)
(makes BOTH FREE!)
*I was unable to use this coupon at Walmart yesterday. I will not go into it as it made me very angry. BUT I will tell you, the coupon states Redeemable at Food, Drug, Discount and other Stores accepting coupons. And it has a Walgreens logo on it. YMMV Please tell me how it turns out if you use it!
Extra Gum 3pks $1.50 (found on the candy aisle)
Use the $1/1 7/12 SS
(makes it .50!)
Huggies Pull Ups Wipes $1.64
Use the $3/2 7/19 SS
(buy two and its makes them .14!)
Scotch Tape 3 pk $.94
Use the $.50/1 6/28 RP
(makes it .44)

For more great deals or questions on Amy's list, visit Saving with Amy.
Thanks, Amy.


Linda said...

Oh I hate you couldn't use the Colgate coupon at Walmart! I used 3 yesterday... no issues, they went right through!

Amy said...

I honestly cant believe that! They had a manager call me today and she was very firm that they couldnt accept it! She said Walmart doesnt get paid for them because they have that Walgreens logo on them. I dont really believe that though.

Bina said...

Hi, I went to my walmart today (sat- aug 11). The wipes and Mars candy bars were not on sale. There was some candy bars on sale but they were hershey's I believe. I guess Walmart sales are also dependent on location?
Anyway, the colgate was on sale as stated but I did not try the coupon.

Joann said...

I was able to use my coupon..... but only after a little sweet talking :o)

Michelle said...

I was able to use my coupon with no problem :-))) YEP-Y

Random Musings Of My Life said...

The first walmart I went to refused my coupons. The manager was not very nice so I politely took my coupons to another walmart where the customer service manager (happened to be ringing customers out) eyed them up (I used all 4) and said as long as they scan in the system they will accept them. But he also said it depends on the store.. : )
All of mine are being donated

Rachel said...

CVS wouldn't let me use that colgate coupon the other day. Also i tried to use the $1 of 1 tide on a travel pack .97 and the first time no problem. the second coupon i had the cashier said i couldn't use it and i asked if she could just take of the .97 and she refused. i hate walmart. they are so not coupon friendly. i've caught cashiers not ringing up all my coupons several times. if i got to the trouble of collecting and clipping them they'd better ring them all up.

Tahunter said...

I was able to use mine with no problem. For local readers, it was at the newer Walmart off of Mahan.