Thursday, August 27, 2009

$75 in E.L.F. Products for Just $13

free flip flops
But to sweeten the deal, Nicole's Nickels has come up with a great new deal with e.l.f. cosmetics to get $75 in product for just $13!
Here is what you get: . Beauty Encyclopedia (a case full of makeup), pink polish, the flip flops shown above, $5 in products AND a DVD makeup guide.
How to Get Yours
1. Go Here
2. Add items #35007 and #51023 to your cart
3.Use code BTSABE and it will subtract $31.95 from your order
4. Use coupon code FLOPS to get free pink flip flops and light pink nail polish (you will see this next to your total)
At this point you will have spent $20 total (just look at the total line) BUT the deal gets better! If you add $5 in products to your cart- (I added 5 $1 items) then you qualify for a $12 rebate!
In the bottom left corner there is an offer for a 1 year subscription to Vogue OR if you check the box that you do not want the subscription- you can get a $12 rebate instead! Thanks, to Charlene I am including all the particulars on the rebate in the comments section of this post. So you will spend $25 total on 5 items, plus the DVD, plus the flip flops and polish, plus the makeup kit and you will get $12 back.
Thanks, Nicole and Charlene.


Frugal Coupon Living said...

First, thanks to Charlene ( for the details on the rebate. She writes...

Your paid order over $25.00 includes a Vogue Magazine Subscription.

At no time will your credit card number be shared - this is a paid subscription with no hidden charges, obligations or automatic renewals. You will not pay one penny more than your purchase price to participate in this magazine offer.

As an added benefit to shopping at, if you decide that you do not want the magazine subscription, and would like a rebate instead, simply send a copy of your order confirmation within 30 days of placing your order to ValueMags-ELF Program, 40 East Chicago Ave., # 429, Chicago, IL 60611 and you will receive a rebate of $12.00. Make sure to print out and complete this form and include it in your correspondence. Your purchase authorizes to forward your magazine selection to the magazine publisher. Your name will only be shared with the magazine publisher for fulfillment of your subscription. Benefit available to "US Households Only." One per household.

Please provide your name and address here:

Name: ____________________________
Address: _________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________

And here is the link- you can cut and paste this into your browser to print the form for the rebate.

Sarah said...

I just saw that the rebate says your order must be OVER $25. So I think you need to order something more than $5 if they're being particular.

Charlene said...

Sarah the kit and DVD are $20 and the extra $5 in items gets you to $25. Then you can get the magazine OR a $12 rebate. I chose the rebate making all that $13!