Thursday, August 13, 2009

ELF – Get $80 in Product for $10

Update: The coupon codes changed - you have to pay S&H ($6.95) with the WWYB75S code you may only get up to $10 off.

A reader wrote me about a great deal and I lost the email so thanks to one of my readers and Moms by Heart for the heads on on this great deal.

ELF cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) is having a sale on their Studio Line items (normal price is $3).

1) Click the ELF icon (up top) and search for their Studio Line items.

2) Put 27 items in your cart (from the Studio Line - $3 each) - it appears the single eye shadows might not work for the rebate.

3) For 75% off, in Step 3 use the code WWYB75S at checkout – this brings your order down to $20.25 with FREE shipping.

4) Look for "Special Customer Benefit" - because you ordered $20, you get a 1 year subscription to Marie Claire Magazine. If you click on the MORE INFO (concerning the magazine subscription) you can print out the rebate form. Instead of the magazine, you can get $9.99 back. (Make sure to check the box I do notwant the subscription if you choose to get the rebate instead). Rebate form is Here.


27 items x $3 = $81

$81 with 75% off = $20.25

$20.25 - $9.99 (rebate from magazine) = $10.26 or $.38 for EACH piece of make up! - plus now S&H

You know what I see – stocking stuffers, make up for you, a great little gift for a teenager, package/gift stuffers.


chellienan said...

When I added the coupon code it took off my free shipping. Also, how do you print the page it tells you to print for the rebate? Help!

maggie said...

yeah i had the same problem with the shipping

Suparna said...

Me too & I could not fill the rebate form

Nicoel said...

yeah, the shipping doesn't stay free after the coupon..:(

anne c. said...

I'm actually really excited about this! Not to get all the makeup, but I've been looking for a reasonably priced brush set for a while, & with 75% off of 30, paying only 7.50 will be awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Me too & I could not fill the rebate form

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Mal said...

Can someone please tell me, Usually how long does it take to get the shipment? I am just asking because I will be leaving the town in the middle of September.

MMLong3996 said...

...and it didn't take 75% off all of the Studio Line products I placed in my basket. I should have received -$62.25 and only got -$46.50 on the items I selected.

Real Hungry Housewife of the OC said...

Beware of these products......i ordered a bunch of stuff from ELF and found it to be crap.....