Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get a $10 Mall Gift Card

Shop Smart Look Fab is giving away $10 Gift Cards at select malls around the country!
These are limited and WILL GO FAST!
To qualify:
1.) Go Here to see if there is a participating mall near you - enter your zip code.
2.) If there is a mall near you, select your mall
3.) Fill out your information including your email address, where your voucher is sent.
4.) Print the voucher.
5.) Simply take that voucher to the "Shop Smart Zone" kiosk at your mall on the dates specified to receive your gift card (you do need to show receipts totally $75 to get this gift card!)
Thanks, Fiddledeedee.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I may be wrong, but if you click on the "Gift Card Voucher" button instead of the "Spend 75 and get a 10 gift certificate" button, you'll get a code for a 10 dollar gift card. The rules and regulations on this page state "No Purchase Necessary" but it is limited to about 500 cards per mall.