Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Looking for Guest Posts

Well I am less than 6 weeks until Isabella Grace makes her entrance into the world. My prediction is I am closer than her actual due date! It is tough chasing after a tiny 15 month old and carrying a baby at 8 months of pregnancy - the contractions are inconsistently starting.
I am looking for guest posts. If you are interested in writing for Frugal Coupon Living, send me an email at frugalcouponliving @ gmail . com (take out the spaces.) I am asking that you attach the images and place the content (writing) in your email (not as an attachment.) It would also be hepful if you sent me the html code for the post (so I can make sure you format, characters, etc stay the same.) You can do this by creating the post (if you are in blogger) then going to "edit html" and copy the html code for the post. Please also place your name, website name and address in the content of your email. Finally, I also ask that you go ahead and proof read the content for spelling/grammatical errors. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post all of the guest posts I receive, but I sure hope to!
I can't wait to share all your great ideas and thoughts!
Thanks, Ashley

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Tracy said...

I LOVE the name that you have chosen!