Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Walgreens List 8/2 - 8/9

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Look over this list. If you do not have the coupons, NOW is the time to buy them. I personally would buy them no later than Sunday, though I am sure (from past experience) The Coupon Clippers will get them out to you rather quickly.
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The Coupon Clippers
Weekly Deals
Unilever Products(page 8) including Dove Hair Care, Personal Care products like Dove, Suave, Vaseline, Q-tips, Breyers Ice Cream, Lipton Tea, Dove Deotorant, Degree Deotroant, Hellmans, Skippy, Ragu, and Bertolli - price varies (get $10 RR wyb 8 products; $6 RR wyb 6; $2 RR wyb 4.)
You will find the RP in the 8/2 paper very useful for these deals
$.30 Q-Tips RP 8/2
$.75 /2 Suave Deodorant RP 8/2
$.75/2 Ragu RP 8/2
$.50 Hellman’s RP 8/2
$.50 Lipton RP 8/2
$.50 Skippy RP 8/2
$1/2 Degree Deodorant RP 8/2
$1/2 Suave Deodorant RP 5/17
$1 Dove Body Wash RP 8/2
$1 Dove Hair RP 8/2
$1.25 Vaseline RP 8/2
$1.50 Pond’s Cleansing Cloths
$2 Dove Body Wash RP 8/2
= varies (please share a great scenario for this deal in the comment section of this post. The best deal I see is the Suave or Degree Deodorant with the $.50 coupon – you could have a small little MONEYMAKER if you had 6 or 8 coupons)
Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color $6.99 (get $2 RR)
$4 P&G 8/2
= $.99
L’Oreal Products including Ever Pure Hair Care $6, Excellence Crème Hair Color $6, Select Makeup $6, and Age Perfect or Revitalift Skin Care $10 – see page 19 (get $10 RR wyb $20 for you NEXT L’Oreal purchase – unless you need a lot of L’Oreal, I am not sure this is great because you have to use the $10 RR for future L’Oreal products)
$1 any printable
$1 Mascara printable
$2 Excellence SS 6/21
$2 EverPure RP 5/10
$3 Color RP 5/17
= varies (You at least will get $30 worth of L’Oreal Products for only $10 after RR – a 66% savings!)
B1G1 Dial Body Wash or Bar Soap - 8 pack
$.33 SS 5/17
$1/2 SS 5/17

$1 printable
= varies (at least 50% off with B1G1 sale)
Frizz-Ease Hair Serum $7.99 (get $5 RR)
= $2.99
Vitamin Shampoo or Conditioner $3.99 (get $3.99 RR)
= FREE (rumor is some bottles have a try me FREE hangtag making it a profit)
Crest Toothpaste or Oral B Toothbrush $10/4 (get $5 RR wyb 4)
$.50 P&G 8/2
$.75 P&G 8/2

= $.50 - $.75 each
Gum Toothbrush - 2 pack $3.49 (get $3.49 RR)
$.75 RP 6/21
$1 RP 6/21

= $.75 - $1 MONEYMAKER (donate to a shelter if you do not need them)
Listerine Mouthwash $3.99 (get $1 RR)
$.50 printable
$.50 RP 4/26
$.50 SS 8/2

B1G1 SS 8/2
$1.50/2 SS 8/2
$2 printable (top right, this might already be gone)
$3/3 SS 8/2
= $.99 - $2.49 after RR (I only see the $.50, $1, or $2 coupon being the best deal because the others require you to buy 2 or even 3 mouthwashes and you will only get a RR on ONE.)
Various Products including Colgate Toothpaste $3,Softsoap and Irish Spring Bar Soap 3 pack $2, Colgate Toothbrush $5, Irish Spring Body Wash $3.50, Ladies or Men’s Speedstick $2.50 (get $5 RR wyb $15)
$3/2 Colgate printable (use zip code 85031 – this was good in July if you snagged it)
$2 Irish Spring
= varies (at least 33%off after RRs)
Walgreens Jumbo Pack of Diapers or Training Pants $5.99 – I have said it before, I love these diapers. My daughter uses them regularly.
Dawn or Joy Dish Liquid $.99 w/ Walgreens WFC
$.25 Dawn P&G 8/2
= $.74 each
B1G1 Tylenol or Motrin - 20 - 24 ct
$1 Tylenol printable
$1 Motrin printable
$1 Motrin RP 5/17
$2 Tylenol RP 5/17

$2 Tylenol SS 6/21
= varies (at least 50% off with B1G1 sale)
Various Products including Cheez Its $2, Keebler Cookies $2, Rice Krispies Treats $2, Pop Tarts $2, Club Crackers or Sandies Pecan Shortbread $2.50, Fiber Plus Bars $2.50, Nutri-Grain Bars $2.50 Special K Protein Bars or Shakes $5 (get $5 RR wyb $10)
$.75 Cheez It printable
$1/2 Keebler printable
$1/2 Keebler 8/2
$1/2 Nutri-Grain 8/2
$1/2 Pop Tarts 8/2
$1/2 Rice Krispies 8/2
$.55 Pop Tarts
$1 Protein Shakes printable
$1 Pop Tarts RP 6/7 (expires Sunday 8/2)
$10 Kellogg’s Fuel for School! Rebate
Here (bottom right – sign in)
= varies (at least 50% off after RR. The Pop Tart deal is a great scenario for cheap Pop-Tarts plus a possible rebate)
Jell-O $1/2 w/Walgreens WFC
$1/2 SS 7/26
Back to School Deals
I have left some personal teacher comments. See page 1 and 9 - 11
$1/8 Pencils with Walgreens WFC
$.19 Items: Include Penway Pencils – 16 pack, White Posterboard, Legal Pad, or Mini Highlighter
$.29 Items: Include Paper Clips - 100 pack (bring the teacher a gift – these often are lost, thrown away or sent home and need to be replenished), Paper Mate Highlighters - 6 pk, Pink Erasers 2 count, Pink Cap Erasers- 15 count, Ruler
$.39 Items: Include 3x5 Index Cards
$.59 Items: Stick Pens – 20 pack, Clip on Sharpener or Eraser (unless you want your boy skateboarding during the math lesson or your girl loving on a doggie eraser, best to stick with the normal erasers), Mechanical Pencils – 5 -8 count, Dual Hole Sharper, Scented Pencil, Animal or Skateboard Eraser, Scotch Envelopes or Mailers (These covered sharpeners are great as they leave messes off the floor – your teacher will love you.)
Scotch Envelopes or Mailers $.59
$0.50 RP 7/26
= $.09 each
$.69 Items: Include Pencil Box (a must for elementary organization), crayons (buy the Craoyla when they are on sale)
$.99 Items: Include Binder, Book Covers (needed for textbooks in older grades – jumbo size is usually necessary), Tab Dividers, 3-Subject Notebook, Elmer’s Glue Stick, Crayola Classic Markers – 10 pack, Kids Scissors, Pencil Sharpener and Eraser Pack (I would get the other sets in the $.29 and $.59 sales), Pilot Easy Touch Pens – 2 pack
$1.50 Items (with Walgreens WFC): Includes Notebook Paper
B1G1 FREE Items: Include 3 -5 Subject Notebooks (great for older kids), Binder, Backpack, Pouch for holding pencils
Expo Dry Erase Markers $1.99
$1 printable (this is for the click, I do not think the click are on sale)
= $.99 each ( a nice treat for a teacher)


Aiming4Simple said...

This is a great week to buy 10 items for the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate! Thanks for all the matchups!

Kessa said...

I'm very new to couponing and I'm trying not to get frustrated and give up. I spend hours looking for good deals and planning a trip only to find a better deal a few days later or the next week. I'm not giving up though. I was wondering about the Red Plum coupons you mention at the beginning of this post. My RP for this week looked pretty bare but you mention a lot of good coupons. Am I overlooking something?
Thanks for all of your good tips and guidance.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Kessa, coupons are regional. I list them all because some cities have them, others do not. Your area probalby did not luck out like mine :(.

Anonymous said...

I went to Wags today with 3 RR totalling $11 ($5, $4, $2) to buy Duracell Batteries on sale for $9.99 plus a .75 cpn, dawn for .99 plus a .25cpn, 2 tylenol- B1G1 w/ two $2 cpns... I told the cashier that I didn't have to use all of the RR but I wanted to use as many as I could and she said the register would either let her use all of the cpns or all of the RR, not both? So I left. There are plenty of Walgreens around here I figured I'd find one who would make it work. Any idea why it didn't work?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Did she give it a try?
Remember if you have 5 items (for example) you can use a combination of 5 MFR or RR.

Anonymous said...

I had 4 items, 3 RR, and 4 MFR cpns. She first scanned the coupons and after she did the register beeped each time she tried to scan the RR so she said I couldn't use them. The mgr came over and voided it out and told her to scan the RR first. So she started over and scanned the RR first and then the register wouldn't take any of the MFR cpns. She didn't want to call the mgr again so I'm going to try it again today at my local WAGS and grab some swiffer refills so I can use the rebate too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works this time.