Monday, August 3, 2009

Paying It Forward - Ideas?

Leave your extra Pay it Forward ideas in the comments below (or email me) and lets see if we can run some great ideas this month!


Anonymous said...

Here is one that I have done off and on for years and is especially relevant in our tough economy:

If there is a good rebate that only allows one submission, I will often do two and send one to a friend in need. They never know where the check came from - it is a little like playing Santa. Years ago we had a friend who was unemployed for a long time - they got surprise checks in the mail from my family's rebates.

Another good one is if you receive a good catalina for $$ of a purchase, hand it over to someone else - you never know who you are blessing that day. The biggest winner in any of these is you.

Mama said...

I have a great one that I just tried last week!

When you have a prescription that needs to be refilled, transfer it to a store that is offering a gift card with transfers (MANY stores are doing this now)!

Use the gift card to shop for a good cause, or give the gift card to someone in need.

I got a $10 GC last week to Target and used it to buy art supplies for a local community center!!!

Sooz said...

While standing in line at Staples, I realized the man in front of me would benefit from the coupon I couldn't use. He got an extra $5 off his order, and had the most excited/surprised look. For me, it would have been trash.

At the supermarket, I saw a young lady who had a small boy in the shopping cart. He was banging a cup of Kraft Mac 'N Cheese, and a cup of Velveeta Shells and cheese. I asked her if she'd like another free, and gave her a Velveeta BOGO that I wouldn't have used. She was happy to have run into me.

It costs me nothing to receive coupons, but is a gift to others when shared.