Friday, August 21, 2009

Reupholstered Furniture (Also a Guy For Local Readers)

I have had some real pieces of junk in my house over the past few years - namely two chairs that were older than me in age. Since we have come into two nurseries being decorated in a matter of just 2 years, I have decided to use these pieces of junk (chairs) to make chairs for the girls' rooms. These were Goodwill quality type chairs that have become BEAUTIFUL, expensive looking works of art because of a little work. Today, Mr. Pride (the man I use) came and dropped off a beautiful ottoman - this ottoman would be SOOO expensive in the store and I was so impressed I had to share. Every piece of furntiure he has covered I have gotten for FREE (hand me downs from friends and family) and I have only had to pay for the fabric.
Local Readers: If you are considering reupholstering some furniture, give him a call. Clarence Pride at 850-627-7672 - located Here in the yellow pages. He doesn't know I am mentioning him, he doesn't even know I have a blog. I have been so impressed with his work, quick turn around, and price that I felt it was important to share. He is located in Quincy but for FREE he picks ups and delivers your furniture for you. He will give you an estimate on the phone and with a quick discription of the chair he will tell you how much fabric to purchase (in yards.)
Below are pictures of his work - I am missing a picture of one chair. I wish the pictures did the pieces more justice.
One Chair in My Daughter's Nursery
The bookshelf you see beside it (not painted yet) is mimiced from Pottery Barn. I had my grandfather make it using the demensions from the catalog - another way to get creative and save money. The ottoman my friend, Devon made.
An Ottoman and Three Pillows
The pillows cost only $8.50 to make - plus fabric and stuffing price which you can buy yourself.

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