Friday, August 28, 2009

Victoria Secret FREEBIES

Sign up Here for Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation and get a coupon for FREE Pink Travel kit.
Go Here to get a FREE lace thong.
Lastly get a FREE Pink Body lotion with no purchase Here. This coupons appears to be a fake! Do not use.
If you are in need of some appareal, use This B1Get1 50% off coupon for collegiate items through August 31st.
Thanks, Common Senese with Money


jenleic2008 said...

Today I got bought 3 bars of soap and 2 body sprays with a touch of pink (PINK line) for 35 dollars. I used the $10 coupon and got free lace panty, free lip gloss and free travel kit. So I got everything for $25. It was a pretty good deal! They did not have the 1oz pink lotion yet in the store I was at.

pennyscents said...

I went to Victoria's Secret today, and was told that the free lotion Q is not legit. The manager said that they do send those Q's out, but that this one did not come from them. She pointed out that it has a different web.... along the bottom of the page. She said that corporate is looking into how these are being re-produced and sent out to ppl. They said that it should always say Victoria's Secret.... along the bottom of the page when it is printed if it came from them. She did say that the travel kit, and the $10. off $35. coupon could be used. I just thought I would let you know what I was told.

kae said...

Well ladies, the free pink 1 oz lotion worked at the VS that I went to. However, they made me use only 1 coupon per purchase. So, I spent more than I thought I would. Anyway, it worked for me... so I don't know.