Saturday, September 12, 2009

80% off UGG Shoes

Don't forget! - 6pm (not the time, the store) is haivng a huge sale on UGGs - this would be a great holiday gift. By huge, I mean ALL styles (men, women and children) will be 80% until September 15th! I got my UGGs ones Christmas and I LOVE THEM!


UGG Kids Classic Camo (Toddler/Youth)

UGG Kids Little Elijo (Toddler/Youth)

UGG Kids Orcas Stripe (Youth)

UGG Kids Mini (Toddler/Youth)

UGG Kids Lo Pro Button (Toddler/Youth)

UGG Whitley

UGG Raya

UGG Felicity

UGG Abigale

UGG Patch Mini Grab Bag

UGG Sand Mini Grab

UGG Corbin

UGG Indy

UGG Tasman

UGG Upside

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