Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Confessions of a Frugal Coupon Mom

I have a secret. I sent my husband to the grocery store yesterday without a single coupon and with a list of 20 things we "needed." Ashamed and guilty I was...but I knew I wasn't alone.
Here is my personal philosphy - couponing is great! Saving your money and trying to find the best deals out there is important, but it IS OKAY to take a moment off. I too, send my husband to the store without coupons sometimes (sometimes I even sneak into a store without a coupon myself and hide my face afraid someone might find out the coupon mom doesn't have a coupon - jk.)
If you find yourself paying full price at some time, it is okay. Your sanity is more important than counting your pennies.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you just posted this, thank you so much for all you do and for reminding us all of this!! I hope all is well with the new baby!

Ashley said...

AND with a new baby, sometimse you just have to take a breather!
I love using coupons but I still spend well over 100 in the store, but when I saved 20 I still feel good :)

A Cheap Chick said...

I'm "The Coupon Lady" 100%, but sometimes you just have to consider your time & sanity the savings and leave the couponing for another day.

Love the post!

Sarah said...

Haa Haa I cannot go to the store without my list and my coupons! It makes me crazy when im not prepared!!! But sometimes I just wish that I could go and just shop, im so programed like a robot! But Ashley you have a new baby im sure couponing is the last thing on your mind right now!!

Frugal in Virginia said...

Great post, Ashley! I know what you mean about hiding your face when you shop without coupons. :) I ran into a store last week when my baby was sick without coupons, and all I could think was, "I hope no one sees me!"

Coupons are a great money saving tool, but they shouldn't define or restrict us.

Megan said...

Great post. I've had to learn not to always use coupons right now, because I am shopping for my mother in-law's household right now. My husband and I have been displaced and now live with her. She isn't so open to using any brand of product, so couponing is not the easiest task for her. I do still use them and do my own shopping at CVS, Target, and Walmart . . . for things we can use or will need in the near future.

It took a HUGE adjustment to shopping for my mother-in-law, as she spends around $300-$350 when she does her grocery shopping! :o I just couldn't imagine doing that. I was spending $20 a week (with major couponing) on me and my husband before we moved in.

Anyway, I've learned to adjust and now just do what I can. We can all just do what we can and have to not try to do everything to it's fullest all of the time.

Happy Couponing (or non-couponing if it's needed ;)

Christy said...

You have no idea what a relief it is to hear YOU admit this! Thank you...thank you!