Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FREE Starbucks Taste Test

From Oct 2-5, Starbucks will be sponsoring the “Starbucks VIA Taste Challenge”. Go to you local Starbucks, taste Columbia Starbucks VIA next to Pike Place Roast and see if you can tell the difference! Participants will receive a coupon for a free Tall Brewed coffee on their next visit as well as an offer of $1 off a Startbucks VIA Ready Brew purchase. Go Here for more details. Thanks Mojo Savings.

1 comment:

Ron said...

I took the VIA taste test. Quite good for an instant coffee and I am certain there will be a good market for it. But my heart was captured long ago by the floral, lemony bold taste of a well brewed cup of Starbucks Ethiopia Sidamo! Is there anything that quite compares? I don't think so!

Ron D