Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guest Post - Customer Service Calls

Customer Service Calls

I wanted to pass along this piece of information. I've had a lot of food products that I've brought home only to find that it just didn't taste or look right. (I've had Ritz crackers that tasted very sweet, Weight Watchers Smart Ones Desserts that weren't packaged/sealed properly, and a tub of Crystal Light that was punctured).

I've actually had this happen on a number of different products from different companies and have done the same thing in each instance. I've found the customer service number on the side of the package and have called the company. I simply tell the customer service rep whatever is wrong with the product. They always are very nice and apologetic. They ask for certain numbers off of the package and may ask where you bought it. In every case, I gave them my mailing address and received coupons in the mail to purchase another item...usually I received a couple of very valuable coupons.

I think that it's good to not only tell the company about the bad product, but also to let them know about the mistake to better their manufacturing system. Plus, the coupons aren't that bad either!

Thanks, Kristina

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