Monday, September 21, 2009

Guest Post - How Do You Save Money on Ink?

We are in the business of finding all the great deals for you, helping you cut the cost of your shopping bill & we are always telling you to go here and print this coupon, but how can we cut the costs on our ink usage? Here are a few ideas on things you can do to help cut your printing costs:

1) Refill your ink cartridges. In my town there is a local shop that fills them for ½ of what it would have cost to buy a new one. Check around your area, you can even find refill stations in your local mall. Walgreen’s refills your cartridges for $10-$15 typically. Also you can recycle your old ink cartridges at Staples & they will give you a $3 voucher which you can then use toward a new one!

2) Use recycled paper for your printing. This can include the kid’s leftover assignments from school, scrap papers, newsletters, etc. Any paper with a blank backside. I simply turn them over and print on the back. When using clean brand spanking new white paper I print coupons on both sides…You know how you print off a coupon and it has a whole bunch of writing below it….what a waste! I print another single coupon on the other side running the opposite direction. My printer even does a great thing: When I am printing a single coupon, right after it shows the coupon coming out of my printer I can hit cancel and it doesn’t print all that extra wording. Saves ink there!

3) Set your printer to “draft quality”. Simply go into your printer settings and select options and adjust accordingly. This uses half the ink and you still get the full coupon printout effect. I also print my coupons in black ink only. Color ink is so much more expensive to purchase, so not using color saves me a lot of money there. I haven’t had a coupon denied yet due to the fact that I print in black only.

Do you have other helpful ways to save money on your printing costs?

Author: Hollie


Bobbi said...

The brand of printer is also something to consider when looking at ink costs. When you are going to buy a printer, look at the price of the ink as well and comparision shop. You will find some Epson, Cannon and Brother printers are more economical than HP and Lexmark. I personally have a Cannon for color printing (less expensive than HP for ink), and a small Brother b&w laser printer that I picked up for $39- the toner is much less than regular cartridges, and it prints about 2000 pages from one toner!

Suzette said...

I realized within a few weeks of coupning that ink is highly overpriced. I bought a Brother 2170-W printer. It was about $90 on sale with shipping. It is a wireless laser printer. Everyone in the house is connected to that printer including 3 laptops and one desktop computer. I have it in my diningroom cleverly hidden on top of my hutch. I checked the price of refilling the toner before I bought it and it is under $50. I don't have to worry about running out of ink in the middle of printing and no more of the "emergency" run to fill my toner cartriges. I still have an inkjet (or 2) for the occasional time when I want to print in color.

Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

The company i just started working for was paying $30 per cartridge... ink farm had them last week for $6!!!! needless to say I ordered 10. plus they had free shipping last week

Angie.. said...

what type of printer do you have? for some reason my epson want let me print in just black and white so i want print if i knw there will be alot of wording.

Anonymous said...

I tried printing coupons in draft, but the store registers weren't able to scan them. I didn't think the ink was really light, but I tried a few stores and the coupons didn't work. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I went back to printing in regular text so that I could use all my coupons. I also learned my lesson this weekend to select my coupons individually and not print every coupon.