Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest Post - How to Cut a Mango


If you are intimidated by a mango don't be. It is just a fruit. It is yummy and juicy and full of fibrous goodness. Wonderful to eat as is, toss it in a salad, or make a yummy fruit salsa. Look for a fruit that is redish in color and gives slightly when pressed.


Cut down on the stem side till you feel your knife hit the seed. Then make a cut from top to bottom in a slight "C" motion. It will feel slightly woody when you get closer towards the seed. The fibers are closer together near the seed.


Do the same thing on the other side.


Now lay the seed on the cutting board and cut away the edges. This is not necessary and some find it time consuming, but you know me...always getting my pennies worth!


Now pick up the seed and use your teeth to scrape and eat all the bits of mango that is left on the seed. MMMM sweet fiber. This picture should give you an idea of that the seed looks like in the you know what you are cutting around.


Take the edge pieces and filet them like you would a fish.


Cut hash marks in the mango flesh but do your best not to go all the way through the skin.


Invert the mango to make the mango pieces pop out.


Cut the yummy pieces off of the mango skin.

Thanks, Sarah at How I Pinch a Penny.


Stephanie said...

Mangos are one of me and my kids favorite snacks, but we always make a mess cutting them. So worth the mess though! :) I love the pics and tips. Thanks!

thecouponproject said... THAT'S how you do it. I would be very embararssed to show step-by-step pictures of how I've been doing this whole time...!