Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guest Post - Making Your Own Cheap Popcorn

I am thrilled to tell you about this super easy (notice I'm all about simplicity) way to make healthy popcorn! I've tried it and will never buy microwave popcorn again - that is, unless I can find it this cheap. At only $.11 per bag, I have found this to be the most cost-effective way to make popcorn. It's a no mess, no fuss method that I'm sure you'll love.

Here's what you'll need:

Yes, that's it! You could add a teaspoon of oil to the bag for flavor, but the simple method I'm showing you involves only the above ingredients.

Add 1/4 cup of popcorn to your brown paper lunch bag - just enough to cover the bottom of the bag when held upright.

Then fold over the top edge twice like so, and lay the bag on it's side in the microwave. This allows more space for the kernels to spread out and prevents burning.

Microwave for approximately 2 minutes. Like always, listen to when it stops popping or if you start to smell burning. Everyone's microwave is a little different, so you'll need to do some trial and error to figure out what the right timing is for yours.

And Ta-Da! You have fresh and healthy popcorn. Add melted butter, salt, or season as you like. There are no additives, just healthy popcorn. My kids are content to eat it as is.

Here's the cost breakdown:

I purchased 100-ct brown paper lunch sacks from Walmart for $1.92 ($.02/bag). Considering I can use the bags more than once is another thing to keep in mind.

I also purchased a 2-lb bag of yellow popcorn for $1.36. Since I only use 1/4 cup each time, that equates to $.09/bag.

This makes my total $.11/bag (or less if you're reusing the bags)!

Thanks, Stephanie at Coupon Saving Game.


Denise said...

I'm going to have to try this! What an easy, cheap, and healthy alternative! I've done caramel corn in the microwave before, but not "make your own" microwave popcorn. Love it! Keep the great ideas coming...

Beth said...

I saw this post a while back and gave it a try. It IS the best popcorn ever! And so cheap and easy. I won't ever buy microwaveable popcorn either.

Sandra said...

That's a fantastic idea!

I already have the popcorn and I have a popcorn maker that I hate to pull out and use because the popcorn goes everywhere! lol

I'll have to try this one this weekend.