Friday, September 18, 2009

Guest Post - Shop Online, Save More Money

Rather than trolling the mall parking lot for an empty space or idly standing in the long checkout line of Wal-Mart, stay at home and shop online. While you can’t buy everything online, you can conveniently make big purchases in electronics, clothing, home appliances, and much more on the internet. Many retailers offer more choices online than in stores, and with the ease of buying from your home and shipping to your door, online shopping is simply convenient. But did you know that shopping online can also save you money?

1. Email Lists. Many retailers have exclusive online sales and discounts, and while customers may be paying full price in stores, internet customers could be getting a drastic discount. Sign up for retailers’ email lists and you’ll find that some send online coupons to your inbox. If you’re worried about getting spammed, create a free email account just for store sign ups. If you would rather shop in the store, be sure to check the price of the item you’re eyeing online first. Some retailers will match their online price if a customer asks, but others do not.
2. Coupon Codes. Before hitting the “Submit Order” button, remember to check around the internet for coupon codes. Often, retailers will have one or two codes out there for free shipping or an additional percentage off. Websites like and contain user-submitted coupon codes and are a great resource in finding online savings. Some retailers also allow “stackable” coupon codes, where customers can apply more than one coupon to an order for additional savings.
3. Returns and Exchanges. Be aware of the cost of shipping and handling when buying things that you may consider returning, like clothing. It costs money to ship the item back, and most retailers will not reimburse shipping charges if you return the item, meaning you paid for nothing in the end. Always look for free shipping codes so that this will not happen. You can return or exchange your online purchases to the retailer’s brick-and-mortar store to avoid paying a return shipping fee.
4. Online Shopping Safety. Online shopping is mostly safe and secure as long as customers take a few precautions. Using PayPal is a valuable tool in safeguarding your credit card information, so use it when you can. Shop with reputable online retailers, and never save your information on a public computer. Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software updated and running to minimize the chance of keyloggers and other malicious bugs from stealing your information. All and all, online shopping is just as safe as ordering something over the phone. Use common sense when shopping online and you’ll enjoy convenience and savings.

This post was contributed by Donna Scott, who writes about the online associates degree. She welcomes your feedback at DonnaScott9929

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