Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here We Go...Birth, Updates, Comments and Emails

Alright folks, I am headed in (to the hospital that is.) The baby should be here soon!!!!
After much reflection on what will best meet the needs of the masses of my readers, I have come to the conclusion that over the next month, I am going to concentrate hard on getting you good deals, store match ups, etc but I can tell you already emails/comment responses WILL go neglected. So PLEASE forgive me ahead of time if I miss a deal you send me, a request you make or a general question. I am truly sorry. If you have a question on a post, it is always wise to leave a comment and perhaps a reader can answer that question more immediate than I. I can tell you I am going into the hospital already behind on emails (as I was working hard to get last minute things done yesterday.)
Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the well wishes, prayers and thoughts. You guys are the best!


Short On Cents said...

090909 baby that is awesome maybe u will have it a 9:09 a.m. or p.m. and weigh 9lbs9oz. U would make the news-GOOD LUCK!

LA said...

Good luck! Hope you have a speedy delivery and have your little one in your arms soon!

Liz @ Frugally Blonde said...

Blessings on your delivery!

plain_a_m_y said...

Easy Labor vibes flying your way! I hope she's in your arms sooner than you expect.

Tracy said...

Congratulations and enjoy every moment!