Thursday, September 3, 2009

Land of Nod FREEBIE (Baby Organizer)

A Baby Registry You'll Go gaga Over
I LOVE Land of Nod. Similar to Pottery Barn kids the items are absolutely adorable!!! I will warn you, the items can be pricey but there are some great finds (especially when items are on sale!)
I actually have a "favorite" item on the outside door of my girls' rooms. With letters from Land of Nod, their name is hanging on a ribbon. It is so cute and really personalizes each of their rooms. At ONLY $2.95 a letter I bought their short or nickname and felt like I didn't burn a hole in my pocket. (Note: These letters also make cute gift tags - that is what my girlfriend did for one of my showers.)
Currently if you create a registry Here you get a FREE Baby Organizer from The Land of Nod (no purchase necessary.) Included is a weekly journal of the baby's growth and activities and places for photos and letters to the baby. You could actually use this in place of a baby book. It would be great to use to keep track of milestones, shots, appointments, etc.

Even better- inside there are a few coupons including $2 off any Huggies diapers and when you registry is complete (toward the end of the date you put down) you get 15% off coupon - so add those letters, add a sophie giraffee, add all those cute accesories for your child's room, etc!

Baby on the way? Big birthday coming up? Graduation celebration? Check out The Land of Nod's fantastic gift registry Here.

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