Friday, September 4, 2009

My Wal-Mart & Target Trips

So toady I did some damage at Wal-Mart and Target.

I am not a frequent Wal-Mart shopper and many of the readers have warned me about how strict they have become with with internet coupons, my goodness – you are right. One would thing I was robbing the store because I had internet coupons (internet coupons that scanned!) The manager had to come over and it took just as long to checkout out as it took to shop. So you guys are right, what is up Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart Deals

glade sense and spray

Glade Sense and Spray $5

$4 printable

= $1 (I saw at Target these were priced well over $8)

now it is better to do this deal at Walgreens the week of 9/6 to get this item FREE

pillsbury grands

Grands Biscuits – Mini Package $1.22

$1 printable IE or Firefox (no longer available – hopefully you got one)

= $.22

Target Deals

hungry hippo travel game

Hungry Hippos Travel Game $4.99

$4 printable

= $.99

tide stain release

Tide Stain Release – 10 Pack $3.79

$1.50 Target Coupon RP 8/23 (also there were many coupons on the packages at my store)

$1.50 Coupon - August or September issues Oprah, Parenting and Good Housekeeping (aren’t you glad you get all of these magazines for FREE!) There is also $1 SS 8/16 or $.75 P&G 8/30

= at least $.79 (Combine SC and MFR)

Things that Were NOT the Case at My Target But Are Rumored to Be True


Leap Frog Tag Learning System $49.99 on sale 75% off making it $12.50

$10 printable

= $2.50!

airwick i motion mini

Airwick i-Motion Mini $5.99

$6 SS 8/9



Tara said...

hungry hippo coupons can no longer be printed, print limit reached

roguex18 said...

Thank you for telling me about the TAG reading system! I read your post today before i was leaving for target and i found it for $12.28! with the $10 off coupon it was only 2.28! Thanks you so much! :o))

Christina Deavers said...

I would love to get the Tag reading system but I have been to 2 diffrent targets and they have them for 49.99
I wish they would go on sale!!!
Roguex where is the target at you got yours at?

roguex18 said...

Where did you look in the store Christina? I first looked by the leapfrog tag area but it wasnt there. It was at the end of one of the aisles near the pool toys. Strange huh? I found it at a target in Sarasota, FL. I was going to check my two other targets in my area to see if they have it also.

Christina Deavers said...

Thanks !

I was looking around on the end caps too and the leapfrog aisle and grabbed a couple of diffrent ones and they scanned being 49.99 are the ones on sale any diffrent the the regular ones that are 49.99?

roguex18 said...

Nope, nothing different. Just had the clearance sticker on it. I saw the ones in the normal area weren't on sale either. Just the one i found on the end aisle.

Classic MaMa said...

I was just at Target and scored the Tag for $2.50. it's the older edition. The new one has a little girl on it and a new sticker. Also, the Tag was not listed as on sale. The sticker still said it was full price, but then I scanned it and it came down to 12.28.

The Lioness said...

I love shopping at Walmart for their prices and get some great deals when using coupons but I make sure before I get there I have their policy in my coupon book. On more than one occasion I've had to pull it out for the store manager and show them their policy that as managers, they should know. This started after the asst. manager would not take my coupons because "they were not in color, hence they were copies and not legit". I had to ask her what kinds of sense did that make? Color coupon is legit, black and white is not? I wrote a letter to corporate and cc'ed the store and never received a response.

I went to my Target and they had Tag at $34.99. I guess I'll check the price on the Tag that doesn't have the girl on it. I'm hoping to snag one for my nephew for Christmas.

melissa said...

so i cant find the hungry hippos to go game anywhere, am i just losing my mind or is it hard to find?

Debbie Hewitt said...

W/M can be horrible w/q's. I had a store mgr tell me to ALWAYS ask for a store mgr and NOT a CSM when I have a problem...I do as Lioness does, I shove their policy in their face when they wanna whine and they usually shut up...I've been known to leave an overflowing cart at a checkout line telling them to, 'fine, u put all this crab back then...bye,' then go in the next day, do it again w/a dif cashier and not have a problem at all...they act like it's THEIR money. Mgr told me he doesn't know why some act like that, it's not a policy or directive to treat the customers that way, so, dunno... sometimes it's a good q trip, other times it's not

Christina Deavers said...

the Hippo game is over by the luggage at the 2 targets by my house its on the end cap of the luggage aisle hope that helps

Candi said...

Thanks SO much for that post even though you weren't able to use it at your own store. I called mine which happens to be a 25 minute drive from me but they did have 4 left and there were on clearance for $12.48 each. I printed 4 coupons before I left and they took them all in a single transaction! I got 4 systems for $9.92! WOO HOO that would have cost almost $200 at full price and now I have gifts for Christmas!
They books they do cost $13.99/per book so if you can find a good deal on them please let us know. I will be looking as well.