Monday, September 21, 2009

Pay it Forward - Take them a Meal

A number of my friends have been using this program for families with new babies, families that have had surgeries, and families who have lost loved ones. I have been fortunate enough to receive this service twice now (thanks to the delivery of two very special little babies...What a blessing!)
Take them a Meal is a website that allows you to send out a username and password to a bunch of your contacts. Friends sign up for different dates to bring a family a meal. It gives you a place to list your phone and email address (for a reminder) as well as a list of what you are making for the family (so repeat meals are not made.) Not only do you know what dates are available for a family who needs meals, but the family who recives the meals know who is coming each day, what they are bringing and has a contact number for them if needed.
Check out Take Them a Meal. I hope you find it as useful as my friends and I have...and thank you to all my friends who are keeping us fed over these few weeks - boy would my husband and little girl starve without your help!
Pay it Forward!

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Angela said...

I just learned of the site and signed up for a meal. The site was easy to use and sent me a reminder. In fact, the family needed to change days so she was able to call me to let me know. When I had meals coming I had no idea who was coming, so this site would have helped me tremendously.