Monday, September 28, 2009

Redbox Codes

Current Redbox Codes
(each code can be used once per credit/debit card)
DVDATWAG - Walgreens Only
SMR8DVD McDonald's only
To Use Redbox Codes, Follow the Instructions Below
1) On the first screen select "Rent With Promo"
2) Enter the code
3) Choose your movie and swipe your debit or credit card (this is in case you don't bring the movie back. They will put a $1 charge on your card to hold the movie, but if you return the movie by 9 pm the next day, the charge will be removed)
4) You can use 1 code for each debit/credit card that you have, so to rent multiple movies, just do the above process with each card.
To find the nearest Redbox, click here.


leigh769 said...

does this promo make the movie free?

Debbie Sutherland said...


I just linked this back to you. Thank you!! What a great write up. Is it ok when I copy your post in whole, or would you rather I write up my own words and link it back to you? I thought you didn't mind, but I have a few bloggers that we do that with each other, and I cannot remember if you said that was ok. If it is, let me know and I'll put you on the list of other bloggers that don't mind that. It is a nice way to share a post once in awhile to save money, and allow our families to enjoy us more. I also wanted to ask you if you would like me to post this on my FaceBook account for you? Deb "Hope all is well"

Debbie Sutherland said...

That was suppose to read, it is nice to share post to save "Time" and allow our families to enjoy us more!! "smile" Deb

me in millions said...

Do we know when these expire? And Leigh769... you get one day free. After that it costs $1 a day.