Monday, September 7, 2009

So What Did I Do Sunday?

I laid on the couch and watched meaningless TV (my parents were so nice to take our daughter to the beach so my husband and I could enjoy one last weekend of rest), I delivered a yucky cold (not a baby), and I worked on hair bows. With two little girls coming into the home, hair bows can get lost and worn. Wondering how to make your own hair bows, check out Fly Through Our Window's Tutorial on making Hair bows Here. Darby, a girl friend of mine (I had to take some ownership) also has some other great tutorials including Eyelet Sock Tutorial, Fixed Roman Shades, and a Pleated Apron. You can see all her tutorials Here. I am not much of a sewer myself so I stick to the hot glue gun and ribbon activities...but Darby on the other hand has some genuine talent!
This is my bow display in each daughter's room below. There a mix of bows I made, Stephanie made and ones that are store bought. To make the holder, it was VERY easy. I bought a frame at Micheal's (one that doesn't have a back - I even used the 40% off coupon.) I lined the back with 5 ribbons for which I clip by bows to after each use. A very cheap, very expensive looking craft.

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This is like, the coolest thing EVER- I have been SEARCHING for a neat barrette/bow display for Lily's hair items. LOVE THIS!!!