Friday, September 4, 2009 Deals for Baby has some GREAT baby deals Here...

Combine the follow deals to save on Formula (or diapers, or wipes) and 2 other baby items...
1) Save 20% when you buy 3 baby necessities (Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Bath...)
2) Spend $50 you get FREE shipping on baby items
Here is Charlene did:
Up and Up Formula - 6 pack $71.72
2 Boxes of Huggies Wipes 320 ct $8.99 ($17.98)
= $89.70
Subtract 20%
= $72.94
This makes each can of formula $8.95!
You could also try to find some cheaper baby necessities (instead of wipes like bath products, hair care products, etc. Just remember it has to be 3 items and total $50!)
Go Here to start Saving.
Thanks, Charlene at My Frugal Adventures for this amazing scenario!

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