Monday, October 5, 2009

Pay It Forward - Complement a Bagger/Cashier

Write a note to your corporate store telling them what a good job your cashier/bagger did. I personally did this about a month ago. I have this kind hearted gentleman who frequently bags my groceries. He is so good with the baby and is so helpful to me when I am trying to get her strapped into the car seat. The second I turn back around he always has ALL of my groceries in my trunk so all I need to do is drive away. I had to send a thanks when I was driving home one miserably wet day so upset that I realized I forgot my umbrella in the bottom of the grocery cart. This is a beloved umbrella for its size and sturdiness (it is hard to come by these great umbrellas.) Well when I pulled into my garage, I opened the trunk to find my beloved umbrella tucked right beside my groceries. He didn't let me forget it after all.
Thanks Mr. Terry!
Pay it forward!

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