Thursday, January 29, 2009

Customer Service / York Photo Deal

I hate all the photo deals that go sour. I get annoyed when I post/email/or speak of a great photo deal only to find out that the code doesn't work, it can not be combined, it is for new customers only, etc.

I told you about this GREAT York phot deal Here. You get 50 prints for $1. When I entered the code L4ABUCK, it only took off $.60. It was supposed to take off something like $4. I was frustrated but ordered anyway because I had 20 free prints for signing up and needed photos for my baby's scrapbook. Today I got my prints in the mail (wow they are quick) and there was the code AGAIN on a certificate. I hunted down (I mean hunted-Google search and all) the phone number for York. The lady, a sweet lady named Donna, said she was refunding my order (shipping price, the extra prints I ordered in addition, tax and all) for my trouble. (I wasn't even requesting that - I was just calling confused about the code.)

There is a glitch with the code, it works when NEW customers order because they get 20 FREE prints, the other 30 prints combined with your order make all 50 prints for $1. Their mistake is they sent the code out to EXISTING customers.

Moral of the post, it really does help to take time to get quality customer service (I did this all while still getting things done around the house - I was cleaning my kitchen while talking to her.) There is always time to check an order, ask questions, etc. Be sweet, be kind, and explain clearly your problem. Good luck!

PS York's phone number is 301-595-5300 (that way you don't have to do an extensive internet search.)
PPS The photo quality was great!

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