Thursday, January 29, 2009

It PAYS to Get Rain Checks

Today at CVS, I used one of my rainchecks. The raincheck was for Ear Rinse (which I don't need but it brought my bill up to the amount I needed for a deal.) The rain check made the item Free After ECBs. I paid for the item ($9.99) and got $15.00 back in ECBs. Apparently, there was a $5 special going on now that I did not know about. Thus I got the speical running now and my raincheck (a special from weeks ago) which gave me back the original price. Combined, I made $5.

When you want an item and it is not on the shelf, be sure to ask the casheir for a raincheck. It might pay off someday! If it doesn't pay off like mine did, it could pay off because you end up with a coupon you didn't have when you first requested the raincheck.

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