Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling the Love...

Perhaps God knew just what I needed these past couple days when I got recognized by THREE people for an Attitude of Gratitude Award.
Thanks, Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers,
Thanks, Stephanie at The Coupon Game*,
...and thanks to my newest Blessing, Sarah at How I Pinch A Penny who nominated me for the newest Attitude of Gratitude Award. She just about made me cry with her kind words "the Martha Stewart of the couponing world. She has it all together..." Perhaps she should try my cooking! - jk. ( I did have to go back and read that again to make sure she was referring to me.) You can see her Attitude of Gratitude Post Here.
Be sure to visit Sarah's website, How I Pinch A Penny - I might just have to hand her back that Martha Stewart title (she made her own outdoor rug, made cupcake pops, and created frozen cubes of cilantro for storage!) Yep, the Martha Stewart title goes back to Sarah!
Thank you, Ginger, Stephanie, and Sarah - You all are my 3 little blessings!
* Stephanie, I know you changed your website name but I can not find the link.


Stephanie said...

Ashley -
My site is a work in progress today... hopefully I'll have all the quirks worked out by tomorrow. ;) Just lovin' the techie side of blogging! jk

How I Pinch A Penny said...

Of course I meant you!!! I want to be you when I grow up *grins* I am sure your cooking is great because you used food purchased with stacked coupons!