Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nursing Covers - FREE, Pay Only S&H

Get a FREE nursing cover from Under Covers and pay only $7.95 in shipping & handling. I have a cover and they are a godsend for a nursing mom's privacy. Enter code onefree. Only blue and pink left - hurry before then run out! Get it Here.
These make a great gift for yourself or a friend.
Thank you Baby Cheapskate.


Kari said...

Hi Ashley,
Wanted to share this freebie but wasnt sure where to put it so here it is. Free new Aveeno product

Kari said...

Here is the Aveeno link:

Julie said...

What a great find! I got one for my sister:)

SharaLee Jewelry said...

Thanks for posting this! My 5 month old son has started pulling the blanket off of me, so this will keep me covered for only $8! Yeah! I could not have bought the materials to make one for less than $8.

Amy said...

Nursing covers are an awesome accessory for any nursing mother. I couldn't have survived w/o mine. Thank you for posting this and I will pass it on to my nursing momma friends.