Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target Deals 3/22 - 2/28

.Here are my favorite Target deals this week brought to you by Attention Target Shoppers.

Schick Intuition and Quattro Razors - $6.99 ea
- $5.00 Target GC WYB 2
- 2- $4.00/1 coupons in 3/22/09 Smart Source insert
= $5.98 OOP (Same as $.49 each by getting the Target $5 GC)
Aveeno Baby Care Product - $3.49 ea
- $2.00/1 printable HERE
= $1.49 ea
Herbal Essences Shampoo - $2.99
- $3.00/2 in 2/8/09 PG insert or 3/15/09 PG insert
= $1.49 WYB 2
Ban Deodorant - $2.00 each
- $.75 coupon in 2/22/09 SS insert
= $1.25 each
Tropicana Trop50 Juice (59 oz) - $2.50 each
- $1.00/1 in 3/15/09 RP insert or HERE
= $1.50 each

Please visit this week's Weekly Deals post and watch for more deals throughout the week. Post your link via Mr. Linky or leave a comment on a deal you have found.
Thanks Ginger!


The Johnsons said...

For some reason I did not receive the razor coupon in the ss, I am so disappointed since there is a deal for them at every store it seems, has anyone else ran into this problem?

Anonymous said...

I did not get an insert at all this week, and I checked the newspapers at several different stores. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Also, I found an Aveeno baby wash/lotion priced for $2.99 on the endcap, so w/ the coupon, I got it for .99!

holly christine said...

if your home paper doesn't carry the coupons, is there any way to get them? i can't find any non local papers.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to warn everyone on the Trop50 orange juice. IT TASTES HORRIBLE. I bought it with coupons thinking it would taste ok because it was made by Tropicana. Not so much.....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have a hard time printing the bricks coupons? I have a MAC an use safari... maybe thats why. I tried firefox too but I still cant get the avenno to print :(

Lauren said...

I also did not find the razor coupons in the 3/22 Smart Source insert. This week's coupons were a bummer.

Cary/Ashley said...

I did find the razor coupons in my local SS. I'm in middle TN though.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Razor friends - coupons do vary by area. I hate this!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Stephanie B....Mac and Safari is why...I have both Safari and Internet Explorer and I only print in IE

Michelle said...

I finally made it to target today. Let me start by saying I only been to target 2 times since couponing (1 month now)1st time I bought the motts apple sauce (that is it I was to scared to do more) Total spent $15.55 saved $31.93 (not as good as the pros but but very happy for the 2nd time out. I bought
2 aveeno baby lotion (2 $2off coupons)
2 bags of cheetos $1.29 ($1off coupon)(gave a mom my 3rd coupon cause she was having a hard time with her son. hoped it helped)
2 pks steaks (2 $2off coupon)Sutton ones
2 cartoons of egg beaters (sale $2 had 2 $1 off coupon)
2 vaseline cocoa butter lotion $3.29 (2 $1.25 off coupon)
1 intuition razor ($4 off coupon)
1 quattro razor ($4 off copuon) received my $5 gift card that I used to purchase the other items.
Thanks for all the info you give out cause with you I would of never been able to do it.

ShanR said...

A couple things to add to this post. I am in the Columbus Ohio area and went to Target last night. I really wanted one of those Schick Quattro razors with the bikini area trimmer and was so excited to be able to get each razor for $.49. When I got up to the cashier, she said that that particular razor was not included in the $5 GC promo. When I looked in the ad, it was not pictured - but, there was a tag on the shelf that said it was included. I probably could have argued and got the manager involved but I was pressed for time because I had to get to Walgreens before 10:00! I also found $2.99 Aveeno that I got for $.99 on an end cap. It was for a baby wash and had a free trial size lotion included! Last but not least, I read on another blog that Herbal Essences is giving away a free haircut with the purchase of 2 "specially marked" bottles. When I got to Target, there was only one of the bottles so I didn't get them, but I plan to check another Target. Here's the website where you can find info about the free haircut.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Good job Michelle.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Thanks ShanR!

Susan said...

I loved the Trop 50/50 Orange juice! I don't like juices that taste like a mouthful of sugar. It had just the right amount of sweetness for me. If you like a sugary tasting drink, then don't buy it.