Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Kroger List 3/22 - 3/28

Thank you Mommy Snacks!

Kroger’s Coupon Guidelines
1. On B1G1, use two coupons (you are getting two items.) You do not have to buy 2 items to get the B1G1 price (this would mean buying one items gets you 50% off.)
2. Always combine sales, store coupons and MFR coupons when you can.
3. Kroger doubles paper coupons up to $.50 (check with your local Kroger to see if this is the case – some stores even triple coupons in the lower $.30s and below.) My prices show coupons as $.50 and below as being doubled.
4. Load your Kroger card with ecoupons Here, Here and Here before you shop. You can combine these electronic coupons with paper coupons.
5. For every $100 you spend in groceries within a month using your Kroger Plus Card. Save $.10 Per Gallon off any grade fuel on your next fill up at the Kroger Fuel Center. Must be awarded in one transaction, one vehicle. 25 Gallon Maximum Fill-up. (**Excludes Alabama Fuel Centers by law.)
It appears sale dates vary by location. Check with your local Kroger for sale dates.
Grocery Items
Cantaloupe $.99
Cucumbers $.77 each
Apples: Gala, Granny, Red or Golden Delicious $.25 each
Kroger Russet Potatoes 10 pound bag $2.99
Sweet Potatoes $.68 a lb
Kroger Onions 3 pound bag $1.89
Ground Beef $1.49 a pound
Tyson Chicken Breast $1.88 a pound
Digiorno Pizza $5.49
$1 SS 2/1
= $4.49
Frank's Red Hot Sauce $1.19
$.50 SS 1/18
$.50 printable
= $.19
Quaker Instant or Simple Harvest Oatmeal $3/2
$1/2 RP 2/8
$1/2 printable
= $1 each
Pillsbury Biscuits, Rolls or Crust $4/4
$.25 SS 3/15
$.35 printable
$.35 printable
$.60 printable
$.40 SS 1/25
$.30 SS 3/15
$.40 SS 1/4
$1/2 SS 2/8
= $.50 - $.75 each
Kroger Gallon Milk $1.99
Yo Plus Yogurt $2.49
$1 printable
= $1.49
Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4-pack $.99
$.50/2 SS 3/15
$.50 printable
= FREE - $.50 each
Gain Laundry Detergent $9.99
$.25 P&G 3/15
$.25 P&G 1/18
$1 P&G 3/15
= $8.99 - $9.49
Health and Beauty
Herbal Essences $2.99
$1 P&G 3/15
$3/2 P&G 2/8
= $1.49 - $1.99
Kotex $6/2
$.75 SS 1/11
$1 printable
$1 SS 1/11
= $2 - $2.25 each

Dial Body Wash $3.75
$.50 SS 3/8
= $2.75

Thank you Mommy Snacks!


Christine said...

Just as an fyi - my Kroger - Richmond, Virginia -- has different prices - higher. :( Veggies, fruit, meat, milk mostly - ex. milk 2.50.

Thanks though for the list...most of the other items are the same.


LinW said...

Good Morning,
I just wanted to pass along some important information for older me. Kroger has a senior discount the first Wednesday of each month. It gives a 10% discount on the entire bill and also still gives full credit for the gasoline discount (you are credited for the amount you spend before the discount). They offer double coupons up to .50. There are also lots of downloadable coupons available to go straight to the rewards card. With the senior discount, MFG's printable, store coupons, and specials I save at least $150 per month. It takes a little planning but it is soooooooooo worth it.

texas mom said...

I just wanted to let you know that my Kroger (Houston area) has a different circular. You might want to make a note to other couponers.

Love the have saved me bundles!!

Anonymous said...

Last night I went to Kroger to buy huggies... I loaded the $3 off 2 from cellfire and $1.50 of 1 from Shortcuts onto my card and also had 2 $3/1 Printed Manufacture Coupons... but only the printed ones worked and not the ones on my card... should this have worked or was I just trying too hard lol?

Max said...

I'm brand new to couponing. In fact I only started after I saw you on Dr. Phil. Thank you for the inspiration and great tips. I've saved a bundle already!

I'm a little confused on some of your deals. For example, the Frank's Red Hot is $1.19, then you subtract .50 from SS, and .50 from IP from the manufacturer's website, for a total of .19 OOP. Aren't both of these manufacturer's coupons and should not be used together on the same deal? I just want to make sure I'm doing things right. Thanks!

Max said...

Oops, I think I answered my own question. Your store doubles the coupon so you only have to use one or the other. I get confused because I live in California and no one doubles coupons here...bummer! Sorry if I confused anyone with my question!

Firesky said...

Just wondering are the ecoupons manufacturer's coupons so you can only use either the ecoupon or the paper coupons not both togather?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Stephanie and Firesky,
I think someone who understands the ecoupon system will be better at answering this than me. My research said yes but Stephanie you did not have luck (or this wasn't the case.) Can anyone else answer this question???

mamabubble said...

I am new to all of this too. My kroger is not letting me combine the ecoupons with
manufacturer's coupons. Kind of frustrating! Still feel like I have a lot to learn! Thanks for all of the help so far!!

nurseflfrn said...

The coupons usually state one coupon per item.

cjk8822 said...

e coupons are manufacturer's coupon's which you can't combine with other manufacturer's coupons. But you can combine store coupons and manufaturer's. Hope that clarifies.