Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dominos - FREE Cinnastix

Perhaps Dominos felt bad about their free pizza offer being they are offering FREE Cinnastix with any purchase (some have said they got their's for FREE without a purchase.) The code SWEET is good for delievery or pick-up.


CMP.DSP said...

this is an article from my local newspaper -
CINCINNATI — "Bailout" was the magic word as Domino's had to give away thousands of free pizzas because someone stumbled on an online promotion the company scrapped.

Domino's Pizza Inc. spokesman Tim McIntyre said Wednesday that the company prepared an Internet coupon for an ad campaign that was considered in December but not approved.

He says someone apparently typed "bailout" into a Domino's promo code window and found it was good for a free medium pizza.

Word about the code spread quickly Monday night on the Web and 11,000 free pizzas were delivered before it was deactivated Tuesday morning.

Cincinnati-area franchise owner John Glass says his 14 stores gave away more than 600 pies, but that Domino's promised to reimburse him.

shelliemonster said...

Companies really need to hire more efficient and detail oriented people who deal with internet promotions. There have been sooo many incidents like this in the past few months it's bordering on ridiculous.

Also, as a sidenote the code does not work in Richmond VA metro stores.

karen said...

over here in nyc, you pay $1.90 ($1.75 delivery charge, and $.15 tax). It has to be delivered and not picked up. Thanks for the tip!

stacey said...

enter "NOFEE" to get the delivery charge waived.